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dm photography

by Danessa Monsalve



DM Photography S.1 is being released starting May 2023 as the coronation of a long term project born decades ago in Miami.
The first Live Expo will take place in May in the Canary Island. The event is subject to reservations and is not accessible to the pubblic. Thorught this website you will be given thhe opportunity to reserve your ticket or ask info.

Danessa Monsalve also gave birth to a special clothing line which only includes unique design high end accessories. Feel free to visit the website and ask for more details.

(w)height of the dream

Can I buy CANVAS?

starting price $349.90

Each Canva is unique and can not be replicated.

Each Canva is part of a tripthyc and come with its own unique poem and music, created together with Nefasto Bullè. Pictures, poems and music are protected by copyright and can not be reproduced.

Both this gallery and the Live Expo includes both available and reserved tripthycs, get in touch with us to ask for availabilities.

Custom Order

for Tripthyc or Canva

The gallery includes pictures that are not part of a tripthyc or haven’t been turned into a canva yet.

You can select a picture of your liking and ask me about it to reserve a canva or a Tripthyc.

On Demand by DMPhotography

Clothing by Dana

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